Has the warm no start thing been figured out?

Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com
Thu May 13 11:14:37 EDT 2004

Re: Searching the archives

I use www.google.com

In the search box use something like:

200q20v warm start site:audifans.com


200q20v hard start site:audifans.com

Or use the advanced search from google and in the Domain box put

Another suggestion that was posted for searching the archives suggested:

From: Ken <auditude at cox.net>
01/16/2003 01:46 PM
>When you put in the search term, also type
>"+audifans.com/pipermail/quattro", or whatever
>particular mailing list you want to search.
>This will for whatever reason get you the new stuff.

For the 200q20v list you would use +audifans.com/pipermail/200q20v in the
search box along with the search terms. I have not taken time to compare
the two methods. I suspect that the latter method narrows it down to just
the 200q20v list because of the pipermail list reference while the prior
method might return messages from other audifans lists that happen to
reference 200q20v and the other search terms.

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