Tire/wheel storage?

David Priebe davidpriebe at cablespeed.com
Thu May 13 14:59:44 EDT 2004

I'm looking to purchase some sort of storage units to 
better store the wheels and tires that I currently have 
stacked throughout my garage. I currently have 3 sets of 
tires/wheels (and am jonesing for a set of urs4 wheels, 
anyone have a set in track condition they want to sell for 
cheap?). There are some ads in the back of Grassroots 
Motorsports for some units that look pretty similar to 
Gorilla racks (heavy duty storage shelves from Costco) but 
without the wooden shelf, and are priced a bit higher. The 
only downside to this setup is that the wheels/tires would 
be stored upright, sitting on the tread surface. I've 
always assumed storing tires on their tread would be a bad 
idea, because it would flat spot them. I recall seeing an 
ad a while back for a rack where 2 wheels hang on a single 
pipe through the middle of the wheel, mounted on a wall. 
But I can't seem to find this one again. Has anyone seen 
this? I did stop by Speedware to see if they had anything. 
They only had some very nice (and expensive) aluminium 
racks mainly designed for the interior of a trailer. 
Anyone have any good solutions for this? I'm sure that I'm 
not the only one with this problem. And leaving them 
stacked on the floor of my garage is not an option 
anymore. My wife is not happy having tires 'stacked all 
over' the garage.

David Priebe
Carnation, WA
91 200tqa 182k (his)
95.5 S6 114k (hers)
66 MGB 41k

PS I would like to 'thank' the NW Audi Club for helping to 
contribute to my wheel accumulation problem by showing me 
what these cars are capable of, specifically Linus, Alex, 
Petes D. & K., Bernie, David, Rich, Paul, Reiner, ....

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