oil pressure warning & autocheck system

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Thu May 13 17:25:50 EDT 2004

Hey guys,

I've been struggling with a strange glitch in my 3B'ed coupe project, and it's kept me from being able to drive the car! Anyone know if there is anything else, electrically speaking, that might have an effect on the oil pressure warning system? I've tested the wiring and their corresponding connections between the senders and the instrument cluster/Autocheck as well as the oil pressure gauge. Everything checks out OK but I'm still getting the warning coming on at startup and it doesn't go away despite the analog gauge showing normal pressure. It doesn't make sense that the gauge reads normally while the warning system is kicking in. Am I missing something? The wiring for this system is about as basic as it gets, so I can't see where it might have gone wrong. The warning comes on only when the engine is started, i.e. not when the key is just in the "on" position.

BTW, I've replaced both oil sensors, autocheck control unit and analog gauge with others that were known to be working with no positive results.


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