Group buy feeler post - RS2 cam

Mike Sylvester msylvester at
Fri May 14 08:38:10 EDT 2004

By "cams", I assume you mean just the exhaust cam.
The intake cam from an ADU engine is the same as from an AAN, but does not
have the gear for the 3B distributor.

I am not aware of anyone that has added this gear to the ADU/AAN intake cam.
If anyone has, let us know.

Mike Sylvester

--  original message
This is a VERY preliminary post just to gague interest in a group buy on RS2
cams. I haven't even done any sort of checking on price. I just want to see
if there is enough interest in this. If so, I may make some inquiries. Email
me off list if you would have interest.


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