Tire/wheel storage?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri May 14 11:18:39 EDT 2004

At 06:15 AM 5/14/2004 -0700, Chuck Pierce wrote:
>A way to make your own hangers. Is to get a pipe flange ( say 1" ) and a 
>length of 1" pipe ( length to be decided by tire width) and mount the 
>flange on the wall. You will want to use all four of the mount holes, so 
>you will probably need to mount a 2x10 on the wall to mount the flange. 
>Putting the flange over a stud will allow the use of only two mounting 
>holes. You might be able to use 3/4" pipe, but I prefer over kill vs 
>wondering if they will hold.

If I were doing this, I'd plane the back of the 2X material to give it a
slight wedge shape and install on the studs with the narrower side up so
that the pipes would have an upward rise.  Prevent accidental falling off
of the wheel assemblies without having to have the pipe extend well beyond them.

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