warm start - no idle issue take 2

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri May 14 11:23:26 EDT 2004

Have you pulled codes and/or done output tests? (I think that's what they're
called)  I would think the ECU knows what's going on and will tell you if
you pull the codes....or at least blink them out...Check SJM for procedure.


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Subject: warm start - no idle issue take 2

Ok, I thought I might have it figured out but, no.
I have searched the archives and found several references to this problem
but no solutions posted.
So,  any help here would be appreciated.  A description of the issue...
This has only started as the weather has warmed up and is an issue that the
PO told me he had in hot weather and here it is.
After a short drive and the car is warm, if I stop at a store or something,
when I start it up it starts *as normal* but then stalls immediately if I
don't get on the gas.  Even then If I let off the gas while maneuvering in
the parking lot it will stall.  Once I get on the road for a few seconds (?)
it won't stall at say the next light or stop.  It will be fine until the
next shut off/start cycle.  And this is only during warm weather - like 70F
What is going on here?

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  Mine was a problem with excessive cranking if I restarted the car 20
minutes to 4 hours after running it.

  Once started, it ran fine.  Seems to be pretty much taken care of now.

  Doesn't sound like what you have been experiencing.

  -- Tom

    Hey Tom,
    I was just looking into a problem that sounds similar to yours and
wanted to
    ask befoer I pull the check valve.
    Was your problem only warm start related - in warm weather (70 +)?
    Would it start right up as normal but then stall if you did not get on
    gass to keep it running?
    After a little driving would it run fine again - till the next shut
    off/start sequence?
    Thanks for any info - I hope this is my problem too!

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