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I believe that the intake cam for the 3B and the AAN/ADU/ABY are the

When the machined end of the 3B cam breaks off of the cam with the gear
we have on several occasions put the broken cam into an AAN engine, and
used the cam from the AAN in the 3B after pressing on the gear.  

There was NO CHANGE in performance in either car.  
Therefore:  I believe they are the same grind.

While I have participated in group purchases as the supplier of the part
I now believe that the group buy concept does not help the Audi
owners/vendors group as a whole.  While in the short term the supplier
looses and the owner wins NO ONE WINS in the end.  Since the Audi group
is really a small group of people and small businesses it reduces the
ability for vendors as a whole to produce new parts and have viable
businesses.  Then the owners loose.  I've talked to other vendors about
this and speaking from experience there are several neat trick
performance parts I CHOSE NOT TO MANUFACTURE because one year there was
a group buy that messed with our cash flow.  ALL THE AUDI OWNERS LOST!
I don't think anyone excited about a group buy ever thinks about this
bigger picture.  I know I didn't.

In summary: Group Buys are not good for the Audi community, and now you
know how many vendors are now feeling about those who promote them.

Ned Ritchie

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By "cams", I assume you mean just the exhaust cam.
The intake cam from an ADU engine is the same as from an AAN, but does
have the gear for the 3B distributor.

I am not aware of anyone that has added this gear to the ADU/AAN intake
If anyone has, let us know.

Mike Sylvester

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This is a VERY preliminary post just to gague interest in a group buy on
cams. I haven't even done any sort of checking on price. I just want to
if there is enough interest in this. If so, I may make some inquiries.
me off list if you would have interest.


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