German Auto Werks Chip For 20VQT

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I own the Lehman chipset that I sourced a number for years ago from 
Anderson motorsport, I've driven a car with the Ned's IA 3+ chipset and 
used the ECU in my car too, and I also am running Mihnea's chipset and 
modified PT, and my grey wagon came with the TAP chipset, so i think that I 
can provide some constructive opinions.

First, there's alot to be said for support after the sale...especially 
technical support.
I sent my ECU to Anderson for chip and Bosch 2.5 bar pressure transducer 
installation. No problems with the modified ECU to speak of, but if I was 
to do something special, like a different exhaust, downpipe,  turbo, 
injectors, they would have to outsource the development.

Ned's IA3+ , as far as I am concerned, sets the standard, especially if you 
are squeemish about handling the electronics..If you need something 
special, Ned can work with you to modify the ECU...the mod provides great 
power and tapers off to prevent overspeeding the K24. Downside is the 3bar 
PT is NLA from Bosch, Ned uses his own stock, and drives up the cost of 
this ECU mod significantly. Not inexpensive.

TAP's chipset - to be honest, can not tell the difference from stock - I 
swapped the 200 TAP ECU with a stock S2 ECU and could not tell the 
difference performance -wise.

Mihnea's "hobby" chipset - I've known Mihnea for a few years and am very 
happy with his mod. Price-wise its hard to beat, and he has been able to 
help me with troubleshooting boost issues.  The big caveat is that this is 
a hobbyist mod, either you or someone else needs to open your ECU, remove 
(de solder) and send the pressure transducer for modification ( you can run 
the car at 1.3 bar wastegate spring pressure while the PT is out) when you 
get the PT back, solder it into place and install the new chipset. Mihnea 
can also do special mapping for different injectors, turbos, cams, 
exhausts, etc

Its your car and wallet, you have to make the final decision...


At 06:26 PM 5/14/2004, Conrad Spens wrote:
>Hello!  Does anyone here have personal experience with the chip being sold 
>by German Auto Werks in Oregon?  They've been advertising them on eBay- a 
>bargin at around $350 I'm told.  Do you know anyone who has tried 
>one?  Any other strong chip preferences?  Thanks so much!  Conrad
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