2Bennet Camber Plate Group Buy: Its Official

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Sun May 16 15:17:12 EDT 2004

Thanks for your Qs.  They made me take a second and more detailed look at
2B's design.  Using this concept, alignment must be somewhat of a nightmare
if one wishes to adjust both camber and caster, inasmuch as the two
adjustments are not independent.  A caster change also changes camber, and
visa versa!  All for only $500. plus new C4 thrust bearings and bearing

> From: "Tom Mullane" <tmullane at snet.net>
> Bernie,
> A couple of questions:
> Why does this not work on the type 44 versus the C4?  I have ECS camber
> plates on my S6 and they make the different between being able to align the
> car and having to buy new tires every year.  This is essentially the same
> front end as the type 44.
Apparently, the bearing plate center hole diameter is the significant
difference in this respect.
> In thinking about the design of the front end, it is the movement of the nut
> that attaches to the top of the damping rod/shock absorber that determines
> caster and camber.  The spring doesn't need to go anywhere to affect
> caster/camber change.
You're right, within the constraint of the bearing plate center hole.
Apparently from the 2B description, the S4/6 bearing and bearing plate must
have a larger center hole which allows more strut rod adjustment room within
the spring than does that of the stock 44 chassis bearing plate.

> Why is the spring perch a problem?
> When you suggest slotting the holes, I assume you are talking about the
> holes in the body of the car?
Yes, I meant to say the mounting holes in the top of the strut tower.  By
slotting these holes the whole top end of the strut assembly can be moved
outward about 1/4", until the upper spring perch touches the strut tower
side.  This is the simplest and most cost effective method of obtaining this
limited addition to positive camber, and is exactly what Igor's modification
of the stock 44 Bearing Plate accomplishes, but at a much greater cost.

By moving the bearing plate with the slotted holes plus the positive camber
gained with the addition of my strut rod brace, I have been able to obtain
zero camber, (my optimum spec. for street and highway  use), on my 200-20V
at negligible cost.
> Granted, this may not be for everyone, but for those who are running lowered
> cars or trying to get a bit more caster, they do work.
I believe that you are referring to the desireable addition of positive
camber here, not caster (maybe lowering screws up both, I don't know,  As
well as increasing bump steer.).


> For the rest of the list, here's a link to Igor's modified camber plates.
> Basically, Igor pulled the studs out of the stock plate, spun the plate 180
> degrees, and re-installed the studs in new holes with a slight offset (it
> was necessary to spin the plates 180 degree to get to some undrilled area).
> http://www.elektro.com/~audi/alignment/
> Tom
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> 200 Listers;
> IMO, this is a rip off for use on 44 chassis cars!  I can't speak with
> experience to its value on S-cars, but it is entirely unnecessary for our
> 44s, as was Igor Kessel's posting several years ago of a remachined stock
> camber plate.  Unnecessary because the stock upper spring perch, not the
> camber plate, is the limiting factor in camber or castor adjustability.
> This limit is easily reached with minor slotting of the stock camber plate
> at zero cost.  Further, IMO, one must always keep one's back to the wall,
> protecting one's wallet, when dealing with 2B.
> Bernie 
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>> Subject: 2Bennet Camber Plate Group Buy: Its Official
>> This is from the urS list.  These plates will also fit the type 44
> chassis.
>> This is not my GB; please do not contact me.  I'm just passing the info
>> along. 
>> Tom
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>> That's right, the great guys at 2Bennent have authorized a Camber/ Caster
>> plate group buy. Unlike some of the other camber plates on the market the
>> 2Bennet plates will also adjust for caster.
>> Excerpt from the 2Bennet website:
>> "Years of 2B development have crafted this perfect patent pending device.
>> The cure for tire wear due to lowered cars that are now out of spec. Also
>> custom sport caster and camber setup is now simple.
>> No mods needed to any components. Uses all factory ur S4/S6 lower plates,
>> bearings, and dust shield without modification. Bolts on in minutes
> without
>> any suspension removal."
>> The current sale price is $ 495 and I have been informed that after June
>> 30th the price will go back up to the regular price of $595, so now is the
>> best opportunity ever to get in on the best Camber/ Caster Plates for our
>> cars. The group pricing is as follows:
>> 5-9     10% off                        $445.50
>> 10-15 15% off
>> $420.75
>> 15-20 20% off
>> $396.00
>> The cutoff date for group pricing is JUNE 14, 2004
>> The plates can be viewed at
> http://www.2bennett.com/body_camber.plates.html
>> I will make a list of all of the interested parties and confirm the final
>> price with all of the people who sign-up on the cut-off date of JUNE 14,
>> 2004. The list will then be forwarded to 2Bennet for processing. In order
> to
>> get the group discount you must be on the list.  All payments will be made
>> directly to 2Bennet.  A contact number is required to be added to the
> list.
>> If you would like to participate or have any questions, contact me off
> list
>> at:
>> cybotron at rcn.com
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