any hitches out there?

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Mon May 17 18:31:22 EDT 2004

I read "drop the muffler" to mean that they had to get it out of the way for the installation, and they probably put it back afterwards.

I wouldn't mind a hitch on my 200q20v.  I might not need a pickup for the home improvement runs if I had a little trailer or something.


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I can see how they may have been able to "make" it fit, but the hitch would have been too narrow to be positioned properly  - that is centered on the frame rails.  The fact that they did away with the rear muffler would have made a difference too.

I was going to use the hitch off my '87 5ktq - there was no way I could have used it without major alterations.

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    When I did the install some years back, there was nothing in the book for a 91. They showed me the list and there was a Da Lan hitch for an 87 or 88 ( I can't remember exact year) avant, so they ordered that since I told them it was the same body style, just new nomenclature (5000 now 100/200). Unless the warehouse (or DaLan) was smart enough to send a 91 hitch, (this was Pep Boys, not pros like Jochen Neerspach Racing) I have an older style. It is on my car and has caused no problems. I am not arguing with you, I am just telling you what happened. Either the monkey lads who shipped the hitch were smarter than we think, or the older style hitch fits on the 91. It was apparently their first install on a 91 avant, as the install charge quoted was something silly like $120 (2-3 hours?)or so, and yes it took all day, and yes they cut off the tow hook (and dropped the rear muffler). 
  91 200q (all hitched up and ready to tow)

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  There is no way a hitch from the older 5000/200 series will fit a '91 200 20V tq or V8,  or vice versa.  The latter is significantly wider and the dual exhaust configuration needs to be accounted for.

  Installation should be around 6 hours for either car - tow braket needs to be cut.  Save installation time by removing the rear bumper!

  The 5000/200 non-20V hitch was around $240 and the 20V200 /V8 hitch around $280.  They are contructed the same way, so it is a case of charging more for the rarer model.

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