Radiator Crack?

Bob Reinhardt bobh at reinhardtmail.net
Tue May 18 01:36:04 EDT 2004

Hey all,

My beloved 91 200q20v developed a coolant leak this evening.  I think 
it's coming from the left side of the radiator, and it's especially 
apparent when the climate control system is set to OFF; when it's on 
AUTO, the leak doesn't even seem to exist.  Any explanations for this 
or experience in this area?  I'm pretty sure I'll be replacing the 
radiator, but I don't want to do that and have some problem in the 
climate control system cause another crack in the new radiator.  Also, 
in case this matters, I just got the A/C recharged, so the compressor 
is now working.  Don't know if that matters, but maybe it's putting 
more stress on the system?  Huh?

Thanks in advance,
bobh at reinhardtmail.net

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