My Lago '91 TQW for Sale

Tue May 18 12:41:32 EDT 2004

Good Day,

        Due to my good fortune of finding yet another '91 TQW, I find myself with an extra (or two).
 I am selling this Lago Blue 1991 200TQW.  This is a nice solid car that needs little to be just
about perfect.  I would have no hesitation to keep it (my original intent) but something tells me
that 9 cars, and 7 Audi's is getting pretty close to the limit.  I have put a few thousand miles on
it without a hitch... and the odo now reads around 132K miles.  The price is $6100 and I'm not real
excited about negotiating, but you can try.  I'll make no apologies for the price or description as
this is an HONEST description.  The car is located on my Audi farm in NH.
	You can still see the car on Ebay by putting in this item #.


        I do NOT have any new pictures of the car, but the condition is unchanged since my purchase
(cleaner, actually). 
	Here's your updated description:

	Paint not "perfect" as described in the ad.
It looks very, very nice, but the clearcoat on the driver's door and the fender is "weak."  The
finish is duller than the rest of the car.  If I were to keep it, I'd probably have it wet sanded
and re-shot with clearcoat.

Only one thing that's really an issue: The steering rack should probably be replaced.

There's a very, very, very small hole in the rear resonator which is interesting because the entire
exhaust is in good shape (I'd weld it for $10, but even an inspection may not detect it).

I'd probably change the timing belt since I don't know when it was last done.

I'm not getting any sound out of the front speakers but the former owner put in what I believe is
the incorrect BOSE head unit and it wouldn't surprise me if it's just not hooked up correctly. 
Personally, I'd be done with it and spend a buck and a half on something from Crutchfield.  That is
what I was going to do.  I may also be able to throw in the CORRECT Delta unit if anyone would want

There is -small- amount of oil leaking from the valve cover gasket.

The front brakes are G60's.

The wheels are about as nice looking as you will find, and have NOT been refinished.

The oil pressure needle fluctuates on occassion... it's the guage... not the pressure...I assure
you.  I think this is a common and easy one shot solder job.  I might be inclined to fix this this

The leather is in extremely good shape, but not absolutely perfect.  There are some scuffs on the
back of the rear seat (in the hatch area so not really that noticeable).

Otherwise the car is ALL there....shifts smooth, pulls hard, handles nicely.... pulls 1.8 bar.  My
wife really likes the car because she says it is "much smoother" than my gray one.  It is not
chipped and seems like an "unmolested" ride.

It's a NICE car, that needs very little to be SUPER... I'd probably do shocks in a year or so...
they're ok, but aging, like all of us.

Comments I've received from other Audi folks have been very positive.

I've had the car just long enough I think to discover even the little issues so while it might seem
that there's a few pain in the a@@ issues you won't get a more honest description of a used car.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested as I will advertise to the general
public soon....

Please write or call with any questions, phone number furnished on request.

Paul Royal

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