FW: any hitches out there?

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Tue May 18 15:24:25 EDT 2004

I've hauled some pretty hefty loads with the Type 44's and even with the
4000 Q.  The Type 44 hitch setup is really IMO under-rated.  They should
provide a 2 inch receiver not the puny 1.25" one - then I'd be able to put
that "PropR" hich cover with boat propeller that is only available in 2" as
well as some other attachements not available in the 1.25" size.

Even my wifes 4kq was able to haul a 2 ton boat up a ramp that our Blazer
4X4 had trouble with.  Now since the boat was bigger and heavier than the
car, you couldn't tow for any distance, because you get the tail waggin the
dog syndrome.  Also, that hitch setup really does not have the structural
strength as the one on the type 44 that is bolted to both frame rails and
rear cross member of the chassis, so the 4kq one would probably eventually
come apart if overloaded.  But the car did the job of pulling and providing
the traction to pull the heavy boat up a slippery wet ramp with a 30* angle!
I think the main reasons one need a truck is for the very low gearing and
high torque that most trucks afford, and the shear mass of the vehicle.

I find my 200q20v(5000 tqa previously also) serve quite well to double as a
pickup truck.  I can load the $300 Harbor Freight trailer and pull it at
triple digit speeds that a normal pickup can't do - loaded or unloaded.
Then for normal economical driving, jettison the extra weight of the
trailer.  Best of all worlds.

My .02

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> Hi Jerry,
> Oh, okay then.  What kind of stuff can you tow with a 200q20v?  I know the
Type 85 hitches have a non-removable ball (well you can unbolt it), instead
of the removable receiver.  These ones or the larger cars have the removable
thing, right?
> Does the hitch poke under the bumper, or through a hole in it, or what?
> Thanks,
> Ken
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> > Ken
> >  No, on my install they had to actually remove the rear muffler because
> > of interference. I then took it to a local muffler shop, had them use
> > the muffler and attached pipe as a template, and they fabbed some
> > replacement pipe for me. Car sounds a little throatier, ran slightly
> > cooler, and the cost was under $100 IIRC. It has been that way for
> > years, and no problems to report. If there is a hitch actually made for
> > the 91 I would get that one; if not, my experience was good with the
> > older style.
> > Regards,
> > Jerry
> > 91 200qa
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