Mike Miller mikemilr at
Tue May 18 17:12:42 EDT 2004

I've heard that headlights help defeat laser. I don't recall where I heard
that though. Although, I have never seen laser in use at night.

Sunday, I was driving across Washington State doing somewhere in the 85+
range when my wife says "what's that white in the bushes" about 1/4 mile up
the road. I had just lifted throttle and was looking to see what she saw
when the radar detector goes off indicating laser. I had the 80w (low)
euro's on and I have no front plate to reflect the signal back.

I knew for sure I was busted. So, I slowed down to about 75 (70 zone) and
went right on by the LEO with no persuit.

Maybe there is something to driving with the headlights on. Or maybe the
laser was re-focused back into the road by those Euro reflectors. Beats me,
but I do feel lucky.


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