Transformation Complete

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Thu May 20 00:40:27 EDT 2004

When I purchased my Avant several years ago it was with the intention of 
creating a q-ship.

The first order of business was the suspension - I chose Boge turbo gas 
shocks with H&R springs and then added a Benz Brace to get the alignment 
as close as I can to where it needs to be.  Last summer, some OZ 
Superlegs came along at the right price, so I snagged them.   They are 
light and handsome (IMHO).  The resulting combination is a bit "stiff" 
around town, but I love what it does on the highway, the twisties and 
the track.

I worked with Greg Amy to create brakes (if you want to go fast, you'd 
better be able to stop equally quickly) and on went BIRA's Sys 3.   I 
have zero complaints here.

I upgraded to Ned's Stage III chip and later obtained a Lehmann Sport 
exhaust manifold (also from Ned) and a Forge BPV.   I know there's lots 
to choose from out there, but Ned's chip is smooth and powerful.

When my exhaust system became holy, I learned about some cross-state 
fellows ( who could construct and install 
a custom mandrel bent system that included high flow cats and muffler 
for less $$ than a stock system and less than the other cat back systems 
that are available (Stebro etc.).   The end result drones a bit more at 
low RPMs than I'd hoped, but the new found flow really helped the K24 
turbo and on the highway (70 and above) the drone all but disappears.

I got discouraged last year when RS2 turbo pricing began going through 
the roof.  When a group buy and a semi-reasonable price appeared at the 
first of this year, I jumped.  The new RS2 arrived a few weeks ago.  I 
was out of town last week and used that time to have my mechanic bolt up 
the Lehmann exhaust manifold and the RS2 turbo.  Wow!  Thankfully, the 
response from two grand to two eight is better than I'd heard it would 
be.  I suspect the slightly lower weight of a 200 (compared to an S4 or 
S6) combined with the free flow exhaust is helping out.  Two eight and 
better is wonderful - it pulls extremely hard all the way to 5 grand 
plus.  I don't know the actually power ratings, but I can say that I'm 
very pleased with the result.  It's really quite a family wagon!

Hope you're enjoying your 200 as much as I'm enjoying mine!

Greg J

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