back home again and...BIRA sys3 questions

Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu May 20 11:01:58 EDT 2004

Hi everyone. My absence from the list has probably not been noticed, 
but I'm now back home and resubbed again after  a few weeks in Italy, 
France and England (London). Italy was cool and rainy--London, bright 
sun and warm (go figure!) Back on native soil it's been a bit strange 
to see not nearly so many Audis (on our streets) as in Europe. At 
least we can afford to drive our Audis--inasmuch as gasoline is 
_still_ relatively cheap (to the whiners: this is _not_ intended as a 
facetious remark). Blimey! Londoners not only spend about $5.25 per 
gallon, but also are required pay a daily "congestion fee" (about $9 
per day!!) just to drive into London. Oh, did I mention the parking 
meter rate of nearly $8 per hour (that's for curbside parking at a 

Anyhow, while I was away the BIRA sys3 brackets (group purchase) for 
my '91 200q have been finished, and mine are enroute to me. I've 
already acquired new Borbet (type B) wheels and now have to get busy 
buying the rest of the vital bits and pieces (i.e., 996 Carrera 
calipers, A8 euro-spec rotors, ss brakelines and pads). Since a 
number of listers here have already done this upgrade (or similar) I 
thought I'd solicit some last-minute advice.

As sources for the "big" items, namely calipers and rotors, I've 
turned up the following:

996 calipers (black) from Crescent Porsche @ $278 each + shipping;

A8 euro rotors (Cd-plated and slotted) from ECStuning @ $195/pair + shipping I missing other (cheaper and/or better) sources for these????

The ss-brakelines are presumably available from many sources--Blau 
included. I gather (from BIRA forum members) that the hose length is 
14.5 inches and that the outboard (female) fitting may need to be 
slightly "modified" in order to permit retention of the oem bracket. 
Frankly, for me, it's the ss-brakeline requirements (details about 
parts needed and installation) that is the most vague aspect of this 
upgrade process. BIRA does  provides some useful info.

Of course there are other hardware bits that'll be needed and 
naturally the issue of which pads for track and for street.  I'll 
probably use Hawk HPS--for street use (Taka--are you still happy with 
these???); for the track I've been pleased with the performance of 
Hawk Blue (9012) pads with my G60 brakes and would be inclined to 
continue using   9012-type pads on the track with my Porsche brakes. 
Any reason(s) to prefer Hawk HP Plus for the track?

Comments appreciated...


Phil Rose				Rochester, NY USA
'91 200q	(140K, Lago blue)
'91 200q   (64K, Tornado red)			mailto:pjrose at

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