warm start - no idle issue take 2

Alliance for Democracy - Ukiah sscalmanini at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 11:58:06 EDT 2004

I've had this problem intermittently for years.  Just got reminded of it 
a month or so ago when the weather turned hot for the first time this year. 
Hadn't experienced it since last Summer/Fall, and haven't again since a 
month ago despite warm weather.  ' can't explain it; sure is frustrating, 
Part of my next tuneup (just getting started on it) will be to replace 
(finally) the fuel pressure regulator ($89.xx from SJM) and see what 
happens.  I'll report any worthwhile results. 
If you're still running your original-style fuel pump, it might be the 
check valve that sits on top of the pump.  I replaced my pump a few years 
back with the narrower one (that assumedly had the check valve built in?) 
so if the new pressure regulator doesn't fix it, I'll do the pump again 
and see if that does.  
Ukiah, CA 
200Q20V 197K 

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