Transformation Complete

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at
Thu May 20 23:16:51 EDT 2004


I don't pretend to know and understand all the subtle differences 
between the chips.  Having said that, Ned opined that if I did not 
change the cam, and/or the injectors, and/or the MAF and I only changed 
the EM and the turbo (which is what I did) Stage III would work just 
fine.  Thus far, this appears to be true.  On the other hand, I have 
nothing else to compare it to and the chances of running into another 
RS2 with a different chip set out here in the Inland NW are not very 
good, so I may be living in ignorate bliss.  On the hand, I have a big 
smile on my face.  If you, or anyone else out there know differently, 
I'm all ears.

Greg J

TM wrote:

>Do you care to share with me or the list what software you're running
>and what kind of fuel/intake stuff you've done in order to run the RS2
>turbo on a 3B engine?
>soon to be RS2ed

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