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Your mention of the software is exactly what I'm talking about- I'm
concerned that with the RS2 turbo, the a/f ratio might change beyond
what the software for a K24 can manage with the stock injectors.

I'd want software designed for the RS2 and higher flow injectors, that's
where software for the 3B ECU seems to become hard to find. AAN software
is a no-brainer.


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Taka, the RS2 transformation is pretty straightforward and a direct bolt
on kind of deal. The problem you run into is how far you want to take it
and getting the proper chip to match. I HIGHLY recommend Intended
Acceleration. I am very satisfied with my III+ chip. They really know
their stuff and customer service is top notch. I've talked with Ned on a
few occassions and am always impressed with his thorough knowledge,
specifically to the 20v engine. And I have yet to hear anybody that was
unhappy with their chip from him.

On the stock turbo the stage III IA chip is as far as you want to go.
III+ will push the K24 to failure eventually. Once you upgrade to the 
turbo you can run the III+ or higher safely. All of the RS2 parts are a
direct bolt on, except for the fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator
which only fit onto the AAN engine. But the turbo, exhaust manifold,
exhaust cam, MAF, and  injectors will all fit. Get the proper software
to match your setup and you won't stop smiling. Just stay away from any
unknown/unproven chip as  these engines are expensive and saving a
couple hundred bucks on a cutrate chip simply isn't worth it IMO. An
RS2'd 20v will walk away from a bi-turbo S4 easily. And will keep right
with the new Mitsubishi Evo 8 on a third gear pull up through 5th.

Patrick, also in the Pacific NW

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