Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Tue May 25 13:29:10 EDT 2004

Scott and I have been discussing an east coast Tech day for the 200q20v list
and some S-car folks.
We decided to hold it at my house in Shirley, MA on Sat June 5.

This will be an all day affair.  I'll be in the garage starting at 8am and
we will go until we can't go anymore.
For lunch I suggest that we order out at the local Pizza place.
If you want to bring beverages of your own choice that is fine with me.
Just don't get drunk and chop of a finger. My wife will get queasy.

The only people that have contacted me saying that they will attend are:

Peter Schulz
Craig Gary

Is anyone else interested?

Mike Sylvester

I have the crank holder for the 3B engine.

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