electric auxiliary cooling pump

Dan Wing wagons at sover.net
Tue May 25 21:27:45 EDT 2004

The central plastic nipple on my auxiliary coolant pump broke, puking my coolant. It may have broken because my fan fuse had corroded and burned out, and my fan did not come on, so the pressure in the system got too high, and so on.

Anyway, we THOUGHT a used VW V6 pump sitting over in the corner would work until we saw that the VW pump, otherwise identical, had a different connector. We stuck it place, anyway, just to plug the hoses until I can get a correct pump.

How much difference would this make (nonoperating auxiliary pump) in the turbo cooling? As it is, I am restricting my driving to non-boost to keep things nice and cool, and I will have a new pump in a couple of days (I am going to prophylactically change the heater valve, too). I do notice that the heater is still working, and I thought that heater coolant supply was another beneficiary of the auxiliary pump. Some references I have seen indicate that the pump only runs in certain circumstances, anyway.

Anyone driven without one?

Dan Wing

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