Avant Delta Radio conversion

Richard E. Berlin, Jr. rberlin at feltonberlin.com
Wed May 26 13:37:10 EDT 2004

BlankAfter all these years (and 3 20v Avants) I have bitten the bullet and
installed a Becker cd equipped head unit to replace my old Delta oem. With
the help of a good installer, we got the new unit installed. The only
problem is that I'm getting ignition noise through the rear speakers--even
when the radio is not switched on!

I've just spent an hour scouring the archives to see if there is anything
peculiar about the Avant's under the rear seat amplifier that is
contributing to my problem. So......any BTDT's among you, or can you tell me
where I can procure a wiring/electrical schematic for the oem speaker setup
in the '91 20020v Avant?

Many thanks,

Richard Berlin

'200Q20V Avant, Indigo/Platinum, sport seats, IA III+, etc. 96k mi.

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