Avant Delta Radio conversion

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Wed May 26 14:01:24 EDT 2004

I found them in the back of the 3rd Bentley volume just last
weekend.  I'm hunting down a short in the white trigger wire
that for some reason goes to the seat relay in addition to the
antennas and amp.  The amp has an always on wire to +12
for the main power draw (red), and a black ground wire that
go into a black plastic noise suppressor attached to the same
bracket that holds the amp.  The ground wire then screws to
the rear mount point for the bracket, so you might try strapping
that directly to the battery ground on the other side of the tunnel.

The rear amp being active with the radio switched off sounds like
a trigger miswire.  The noise isn't suprising since the factory wiring
looks like they just ran unshielded wire and apparently hoped for
the higher signal level to resist stray EMI, I never have been able
to agree with that philosophy outside of using twisted balanced pairs.

BTW: The wiring lists the '91 avant twice, once with the sedan that
looks like the Blose and several pages later that matches what is in
my setup.  Also interesting is both the FA and the Bentley show an
indication that the avant has a front antenna, but there's no sign of
its coax wiring or amplifier in my car..


Richard E. Berlin, Jr. wrote:

>BlankAfter all these years (and 3 20v Avants) I have bitten the bullet and
>installed a Becker cd equipped head unit to replace my old Delta oem. With
>the help of a good installer, we got the new unit installed. The only
>problem is that I'm getting ignition noise through the rear speakers--even
>when the radio is not switched on!
>I've just spent an hour scouring the archives to see if there is anything
>peculiar about the Avant's under the rear seat amplifier that is
>contributing to my problem. So......any BTDT's among you, or can you tell me
>where I can procure a wiring/electrical schematic for the oem speaker setup
>in the '91 20020v Avant?

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