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Wed May 26 17:45:53 EDT 2004


Sorry, whenever I hear about removing the receiver dryer I have to laugh, 
cause its easier than crying,
There is no way that I can remove the receiver dryer from my car, without 
cutting out the existing one. The evaporator compression nut has corroded 
to the extent that any attempt at loosening the nut result is distortion of 
the evaporator copper tubing. Ive tried PB blaster and other penetrants to 
no avail. Tapping it with a hammer also had no effect,

The corollary is that Chris Miller had no problem in removing the receiver 
dryer from his car..
.I have his evaporator now, so cutting out the receiver dryer in my car is 
an option (if i damage the evaporator, I have a backup)


>I usually follow the approach that I would rather do the repairs myself,
>unless it is something that I absolutely don't want to touch.
>Items needed:
>Receiver Drier -- $35 to $40 Autozone had one that worked.
>Vacuum pump - $125 off Ebay or pawn shop
>Manifold and guages -- $50 off ebay or pawn shop
>Low Side and High Side Fittings -- $15
>Oil and R-134A -- $25
>Filling hose and connector -- $10
>Before I replace anything, I usually vacuum out the system and test if it
>holds a vacuum.  This will tell you if you need to track down 
>leaks.  Leaks are
>most common at the compressor, switches and joints betweens hoses.  If it is
>oily and dirty, you've got a leak.  You may be able to simply tighten the 
>or switch, but you will most likely have to replace a seal.
>The receiver/drier is located under the plastic shield between the firewall
>and the windshield.  You need to remove a wiper to get the plastic tray off.
>Removing the Receiver/Drier requires a couple of large wrenches or vice
>grips.  The tricky part comes with the clamp that holds the unit down -- 
>you need a
>1/4 inch socket wrench and it is a tight fit.  I had to be creative and do
>some manuevering, but it was manageable.

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