Wagon @ the Dragway

Thu May 27 08:20:00 EDT 2004

Last night was cool spring night, and a fine mist settled over NH so I figured it was a good night
to attempt to see what my new bone stock wagon would do at New England Dragway before any
modifications are done.  No lines at the dragway and pretty damp pavement.  Many, if not most cars
were spinning tires badly on the wet. Good night to find a baseline without really beating on the
car.  Thought you folks might be interested.  Car is a stock 200TQW with <57K miles.  These times
were achieved with a 1st gear launch and 3rd gear finish.  I'm no racer, but finishing in fourth
gear dropped top speed by about 3 to 4 MPH, and the time by about 1/2 second.  Admittedly, only two
3rd gear finish runs were made because of the very high revs in 3rd at 90mph. Figures are pretty
close to those found here: 


R/T     .687
60'    2.195
330'   6.444
1/8   10.015
MPH    69.45
1000  13.020
1/4   15.520
MPH    90.26 

Paul Royal
Deerfield, NH

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