A/C retro fit.

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I just charged the system in my '83 UrQ - completely void of R-12.  One can of R-12 lubricant and 1 can of Enviro-Safe.  So far it is cooling fairly well - and my opinion is it cools better than R-134a, but need to do more systems before I know for certain, but this supports what I have heard so far.


Supposedly can be mixed directly with R-12, but all warnings, caveats and disclaimers say to evacuate the system first, and the law says NO MIXING!

Basically from now on, I will charge a low system using the limited amount of R-12 I have, and use this stuff on a system that has pretty much discharged by lack of use or for some other reason.


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Why downgrade to 134A?  There are several direct replacements for R-12.  Do a 
search for Autofrost.  Approx. $15 LB, and can be mixed with R-12.

91 Avant]

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