A/C retro fit.

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Thu May 27 10:47:53 EDT 2004

If you count that I paid around $100 for a case  - then the can was under
$10.   The R-12 lube is around $6 at your FLAPS.  I have at least 3 more
cars that I need to do similarly.

You may need an adaptor for the can - these can use the screw on type same
as 134a cans, but I think they have the smooth top as well.   This was
easier for than the 134a conversions I've done, as you can do away with
adaptors, and don't need to evacuate the system completely.

So not counting the cost of guages, etc.  Under $20.  If you get just 2-3
cans, probably more like $15 a can - and can is probably enough to charge a

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> All the r 12 replacements I've seen go to great lengths to list their non
> flammability and non existent flash point.  For me it is a price thing.  I
> have recp'ts from PO for this car.  He spent 1,500 on A/C work and now I
> have to redo it.  Of course maybe an r 12 top off would do the trick for
> but can't do it.  How much was your conversion?
> >
> >Huh? Downgrade? My R134a converted A/C system is blowing nice 34*F air
> >(vent temp with a calibrated thermometer). Plus, R134a is available
> >everywhere (FLAPS), is dirt cheap, and safter for the envirronment. You
> >know that most of those "drop'in" R12 replacements are mostly butane,
> >right? I don't like the idea of having something as flamable as
> >butane in my AC system...
> >
> >My $0.02 worth...
> >
> >Dave
> >87.5 CGT
> >SE Virginia
> >
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