Low Boost Issue

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Thu May 27 22:57:39 EDT 2004

> After reading through Mr. Mockry's site, and some other general
> info on low boost, I am still at a loss as to where to start looking.
> Other than the car being obviously low on power, and now not
> making more than 1.4 bar on the stock gauge (consistent 1.8
> during hard acceleration before), the car has NO other running
> issues; no stumbling, poor idle, stalling, etc.  The car does
> have IA Stage III chip.

Boost limited to 1.4bar usually means that the ECU is not adding anything
extra to the boost provided by the wastegate spring. Checking the codes from
the ECU (per SJM site) might tell you why. It could be a failed temp sensor,
wastegate frequency valve, or something else that is causing the ECU to go
into "limp home" mode.

Henry Harper
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