Wagon @ the Dragway

Greg Johnson gregsj2 at comcast.net
Thu May 27 23:22:18 EDT 2004


Zounds!  Where did you find a stock 200TQW with <57K miles!

What colors?  What kind of seats?   What kind of brakes?

Greg J

Paul Royal wrote, in part,

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>Last night was cool spring night, and a fine mist settled over NH so I figured it was a good night
>to attempt to see what my new bone stock wagon would do at New England Dragway before any
>modifications are done.  No lines at the dragway and pretty damp pavement.  Many, if not most cars
>were spinning tires badly on the wet. Good night to find a baseline without really beating on the
>car.  Thought you folks might be interested.  Car is a stock 200TQW with <57K miles.  These times
>were achieved with a 1st gear launch and 3rd gear finish.  I'm no racer, but finishing in fourth
>gear dropped top speed by about 3 to 4 MPH, and the time by about 1/2 second.  Admittedly, only two
>3rd gear finish runs were made because of the very high revs in 3rd at 90mph.

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