Wagon @ the Dragway

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri May 28 01:31:32 EDT 2004

At 8:22 PM -0700 5/27/04, Greg Johnson wrote:
>Zounds!  Where did you find a stock 200TQW with <57K miles!
>What colors?  What kind of seats?   What kind of brakes?

Here's Paul doing more fast things with it at the NEQ's recent NHIS event:

(click on the image for a bigger one...there's another pic of him in 
there, as well as one of Chris Miller in his Coupe).  He's got a set 
of decent 18x20 prints of that photo, too bad Adorama Pro Lab managed 
to completely trash them($50 order with almost a dozen prints, 
absolutely every single one damaged in one way or another- they're 
not getting another dime of my business; first and LAST order).

As a comparison with Paul's times in the stock wagon, years ago I 
went to the same strip and best time was 14.914 at 94.  Half tank of 
gas, trunk and back seat full of crap, heavy 17" wheels on the 
car(adding 60lb alone...ugh) and a few little boost leaks, but Ned's 
III+.  Still, my top run was #88 out of just under 200 runs by all 
the Audi folk.  No problems beating all the stock S4's and most 
modified A4's.  No chance with the modified S4's of course.

If the bastard had told me he was going last night, I would have seen 
what my super-low-drag, aerodynamic(195 profile, yeah baby!) snow 
tires could do ;-)

Oh, and, folks, I just wanted to share (since he didn't invite me) 
Paul's times from that event with the grey wagon, which is actually 

4	325	Paul R	Pre '95 Audis	17.554	79.12
6	325	Paul R	Pre '95 Audis	17.746	80.58
5	325	Paul R	Pre '95 Audis	17.752	77.11

Paul made 5th overall- 5th from dead last.  I believe it was later 
discovered one of the hoses was almost completely separated or some 
such :-)

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