LRP Memorial Day races- photos

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon May 31 19:45:52 EDT 2004

Pobst/Galati, 1/2 finish!  Last few laps were under caution- I have 
no idea why, but the SCCA decided that a guy who went off in Big Bend 
REALLY needed to be moved(he was way off) AND that they had to send 
out a truck etc.  Why they didn't leave him be and let the race 
finish is beyond me...anyway...

Hot off the camera:

More images to come later of stuff besides the cars on track...plenty 
more of the cars, the drivers, etc...also two photos of the Audifans 
crowd with Pobst/Galati etc...just wanted to put these up first as I 
have stuff I have to go take care of.

Oh- if you're using Windows with a newer version of IE, it may try to 
resize these for you (they're 900x600, pushing the limits for a 
1024x768 display) in which case they'll look like crap- 
pixelated/distorted.  Buried in the Options window is a setting to 
turn off auto-image resizing.

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