BTDT request - oil sensor / light / system behavior

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Fri Nov 5 12:08:51 EST 2004

Dave:  My guess is that the cranking takes so long that the diagnostic system 
reads the car as running and freaks when the oil pressure isn't above 1.x bar.
My GUESS is based on the long starting time and the fact that when it catches 
(runs) the oil gauge goes to 5 bar.
-Scott by BOSTON

Thanks to leaking injectors, the vehicle must be
cranked for some time (20-30 seconds) when warm to get
it started.  <snip>.  The "oil" indicator is an oil
can with drops falling out of it - interesting
animation, actually.

The oil level in the engine is full.  At the same time
this indicator appears on the dashboard, the oil
pressure gauge is showing about 1 bar (remember, this
is while cranking, not after starting).  

The oil "warning" continues to display and sound as
long as I crank.  Ten seconds later, the engine
starts, with the usual stink of too much fuel (the
flooding is why it took so long to crank).  As soon as
the engine starts, the oil warning disappears, and the
oil pressure gauge pops on over to full scale, 5 bars.
After enough time for the engine and oil to warm up,
the oil pressure settles down to the 1-3 bar range,
depending on whether I'm idling or at driving RPM.

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