audi 5 speed gear box

gschesel gschesel at
Fri Nov 5 18:30:55 EST 2004

In my experience with my 1991 100 with the 5 speed gear box, the shift
mechanism operates smoothly for about 100k miles.  Then the synchro for the
lower gears becomes a problem.  

Difficult shifts from first gear to second is what appears to be the initial
symptom.  The difficyulty seems to lessen considerably once everything
reaches operating temperature.  I had the gearbox replaced with a rebuilt
unit at 119k on the odometer; now with 204k, it appears to be showing those
same symptoms again.  And again, the difficyult shift from first to second
becomes less difficult after reaching operating temperature.  I have found
that synthetic tranny oil, from Redline (MT-90 I think it was) helps make
the shifts easier in all gears especially in winter temps.


I have seem messages before, regarding use of all the clutch travel distance
when shifting.  In other words, shove the pedal to the floorboards, to
reduce the liklyhood of this occurring or maybe I should say increase the
life of the synchro.


Because Redline tranny oil is hard to find at retail outlets, I had mine
replaced with AMSoil 2000, however the difficult shifts and cold weather use
was not any better.  I plan to have it changed once more to the Redline


Anyone have similar issues with the difficult 1st to 2nd shift?


Comments appreciated.  Thanks



1991 200 20v tq avant, 103k miles

1991 100 10v quattro

Both all original


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