Fwd: WOT V8 : Can you send this to audifans?

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Fri Nov 5 20:07:27 EST 2004

Help with WOT on 1993 V8 Audi.  Please read below. I'm subscribing to the V8 
-Scott by BOSTON

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> Subj: Can you send this to audifans?
> Date: 11/5/2004 7:39:02 PM Eastern Standard Time
> From:    carterjohnson3 at yahoo.com (Carter Johnson)
> To:    suffolkd at aol.com
> I'm still not a member and can't easily get emails at home - however, I need 
> a little tech assist.  The throttle on the car is stuck wide open.  I was 
> able to move the car by throwing it quickly into gear and mashing the brake 
> pedal, but obviously this isn't good.  It's shut off until I can solve the 
> problem, as it starts and instantly runs up to redline.  Is there something stupid 
> that I'm missing?  I pulled the engine cover up, but it seems to be attached 
> in the back, and it's too dark to screw around with it.  I couldn't see 
> anything remotely resembling the 5 cylinder throttle cable/gear that I'm used to 
> - just electronics.  S****  The first problem cometh.  With great power, 
> comes great repair bills..
> Carter
> 1993 V8 4.2 Quattro (Super fast now, because it's wide open!)
> 1986 Coupe GT (Super Track Beast!)

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