audi 5 speed gear box

Chris Thorp thorp at
Fri Nov 5 23:13:45 EST 2004

This topic was originally posted to the 200q20v list, but I've got a 
general 5 speed question for the list:

Mike Miller wrote:

> Anyone have similar issues with the difficult 1st to 2nd shift?

My '95 A6 with 148kmi has a very stiff shift from 1st to 2nd.  No 
grinding yet, but a little "snick" everyonce in a while.  The 2nd to 3rd 
shift and 3rd to 4th shift also are slightly stiff and get that little 
"snick" when they are cold.  You really have to pull forcefully to get 
the 1-2 shift to go.  The clutch is also starting to go (very high pedal 
and not very grippy engagement) as are the clutch master/slave (pedal 
sticks 2/3 of the way up until almost all pressure is released from the 
pedal (with obvious consequences), pressure bleading doesn't really 
change it), so I'm thinking that it's time for a driveline overhaul -- 
new clutch, master & slave cylander, and a rebuilt tranny.  A lot of 
money, yes, but I enjoy the car a lot.

Say, does anyone know a cure/cause for a "jerks" when going on and off 
throttle or shifting?  I've asked this before, but not really gotten any 
good feedback.  The lower the gear, the more noticible.  The jerkyness 
makes smooth starts almost impossible, which my fiancee frown upon.  I'm 
thinking that it might be one of the following, but don't want to start 
randomly replacing parts: motor mounts, transmission mounts, or some 
component between the crankshaft and the tranny input shaft.

Any thoughts?


'95 A6qm

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