200 20V Tie Rod Assys Has V8s?

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sat Nov 6 23:41:42 EST 2004

I posted about this last month and wanted to make damn sure I was
proceeding correctly.
The ETKA calls out for V8 tie rod assys. on modified vehicles.  It
appears that modified vehicles means those that have the G60 conversion
The V8 tie rod assy. nos. are
441 419 801D Left
441 419 802D Right
I have the V8 assys. as there are 2 very distinct bends in each rod
It does not appear that there is anything that would cause interference
by using the 200 tie rod assy nos.
443 419 801E Left
443 419 802E Right
Peter Bergin replied last month that he used the 200 tie rod assys. with
no problem after he discovered that he had the V8s in due to the G60
I am sure that Peter is correct but to be on the safe side my questons
1. Was this an error in the G60 conversion to take the 200 20V tie rod
assys off and put on V8 tie rod assys. on?  Why would Audi have went to
that expense on 200 20Vs when the V8 part nos. were only used to clear
the V8  exhaust?
2. Or did the original UFO 200 20Vs have the V8 tie rod assys.?
3. Or is there a reason other than exhaust clearance that the V8 tie rod
assys. were used?
Was there a definite structual reason of some sort?
4. This is a dumb question but here goes. Whch would be stronger? A
straight tie rod assy. like the 200 or the V8 assy. that has a couple of
bend in it?

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