200 20V Tie Rod Assys Has V8s?

Dan Cordon cord4530 at uidaho.edu
Sun Nov 7 01:33:17 EST 2004

> I am sure that Peter is correct but to be on the safe side my questons
> are.
> 1. Was this an error in the G60 conversion to take the 200 20V tie rod
> assys off and put on V8 tie rod assys. on?  Why would Audi have went to
> that expense on 200 20Vs when the V8 part nos. were only used to clear
> the V8  exhaust?
> 2. Or did the original UFO 200 20Vs have the V8 tie rod assys.?
> 3. Or is there a reason other than exhaust clearance that the V8 tie rod
> assys. were used?
> Was there a definite structual reason of some sort?
> 4. This is a dumb question but here goes. Whch would be stronger? A
> straight tie rod assy. like the 200 or the V8 assy. that has a couple of
> bend in it?

I have a 200 20v with factory G60 conversion as well. My tie rods are 
the bent V8 type.

1) I have detailed dimensional charts from the regular T44 and the 91 
200 20v. The 20v cars are based off the V8 chassis, and are actually 
quite different (despite almost all external parts swapping between the 
two). The sub-frame mounts are slightly different, as is the structural 
part of the unit body. My guess is that the V8 tie rod assemblies are 
*slightly* longer than the regular 200 20v assemblies. But I also 
believe that the 200 assembly has enough adjustment to make it work just 

2) I've never had/looked at a 200 with UFO's, so I can't really help here.

3) Not sure, but when I had mine out I was really perplexed as to why 
they were bent at all. Sure looked like straight rods would have worked 

4) In general, a straight rod will be stronger if all other parameters 
are the same. But there's a chance that audi built the V8 rods of larger 
diameter, or greater wall thickness to account for this. I can say that 
the cut-away view of the 200 rally car on my poster is using straight 
tie rod assemblies, but I believe that was pre-20v, so it probably 
doesn't mean anything.

Wish I could help more.

Dan Cordon
Mechanical Engineer - Engine Research Facility
University of Idaho

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