Audio woes

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at
Sun Nov 7 14:45:24 EST 2004

On a similar subject, my two rear Bose speakers have recently gone
dead. Not completely, there is just a faint sound, almost no bass
coming out from them.

I checked with a voltmeter, there is 12.xx volts on them, and
some reasonable millivolts of A.C. signal on the other two wires.
Fuse #4, which supplies power to the radio system is good.

The wiring diagrams in Bentley are not accurate, they seem
to describe a non-Bose system.

Any advice?


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> Dear listers:
> I've been running a replacement stock Bose radio plus aftermarket Sony CD
> changer for about 5 years now.  Unfortunately, the system seems on its
> legs, with the radio unit have stopped working a few weeks ago.  I'm going
> to try to tackle it this weekend, but am looking at the possibility of
> replacement if I can't get it working again properly.  Any suggestions
> regarding replacement units and speakers that fit the 200q20v sedan would
> welcomed.  Thanks, Mark
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