Power Steering Pump

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Nov 8 11:31:22 EST 2004

> From: todnad at comcast.net
> Bolt snapped where (appears to be h.p. side) hose connects to pump (was making
> a sharp turn at a very slow speed - heard the snap then lost steering/brakes).
> Can I just replace bolt or purchase rebuild kit?
> ?Best place for either?
> 1/4 of the bolt is still seated in the hole but should be able to get it out
> in one peice (I hope).
Here comes the Old Fart's fatherly advice!

Never, NEVER, ever, EVER, touch the rack's end stops, let alone holding the
wheel against them!!!!  You are lucky that you only broke a defective banjo
bolt, rather than blowing the rack's high pressure rod seal.  The pump's
relief valve is set to pop off at about 3000 psi, which is only reached when
something prevents the requested rack motion.

Just replace the banjo bolt, Lots of them at your AWs.


> Thanks,
> TT

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