Power Steering Pump

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Mon Nov 8 11:41:05 EST 2004

Wow!  Never heard of that happening.  Anyhow, assuming you can remove the
bolt without messing up the threads, you should get a replacement one from
Audi (I believe it has a special valving incorporated into the bolt).  I
believe the P/N 443 422 923 is the one for the high pressure line Banjo bolt
to the hydraulic pump.  Don't forget two N 903 633 01 13 x 2.5 O-rings.


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> Bolt snapped where (appears to be h.p. side) hose connects to pump (was
making a sharp turn at a very slow speed - heard the snap then lost
> Can I just replace bolt or purchase rebuild kit?
> ?Best place for either?
> 1/4 of the bolt is still seated in the hole but should be able to get it
out in one peice (I hope).
> Thanks,
> TT
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