tail lights

alan cordeiro alancordeiro at comcast.net
Mon Nov 8 18:58:48 EST 2004

The two side units are replaceable separately. I suspect your
question is about the large center light bar panel.

Look for a light bar  from a 1989-1991 series 200q,
the earlier units 86-88 have the key hole in a different spot


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> > Broke a tail light today - are they replaceable separately or
> > only as a whole big unit?
> The "whole big unit" consisting of the portion of taillight that's not on
> the trunklid is what can be replaced (of course the part on the trunklid
> another part that can be replaced)...I don't think I checked the dealer
> I broke one, since I was able to grab one off a friend's 5k parts car.
> Henry
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