S4 Springs in 200q-20V? (Again??)

Chrisellenhem at aol.com Chrisellenhem at aol.com
Wed Nov 10 06:52:12 EST 2004

No responses to my original post so I'll try one more time...

<<I'm sure this topic has been beat to death but rather than spend an hour 
searching the archives, thought I'd ask for a quick YES/NO (without starting an 
endless thread hopefully..):

Are the 92-94(?) S4 springs a 'proper' retro-fit into the t44, 200q20v?  I 
understand that they are shorter/lower & have a higher spring rate (which IS the 
intent here..), but are they otherwise dimensionally OK?>>

I DID do some subsequent Archive searching and the only post I came across 
indicated a concern about having the HD strut compressed a bit too much more 
than designed to and therefore not operating in the 'optimum' range. Don't think 
this is very viable concern.

Any BTDT advice would be appreciated as I have a line on some springs but 
need to commit ASAP, thanks.

Chris Hemberger
91 200q-20v Avant

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