Engine Mounts

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Thu Nov 11 04:36:41 EST 2004

I replaced the engine mounts a few days ago.
This job can easily be done alone apart from doing the "Stage 1" or
Aside from getting the mounts  be  sure to get the  bolts and nuts. You
will have 2 bolts and 5 nuts to get. 
Get the ETKA pic and parts list first and order the nuts and bolts from
Clair Audi or from an local dealer.
I ordered a subframe hardware kit and the nuts were the wrong size. They
were 16mm and should have been 15mm and I didn't get the bolts.  So I
had to reuse the the old nuts and bolts which I didnt really want to do
as some of the bolts were degraded but I had no choice as I was in the
middle of the job.
A lesson learned. 
I usually always get the parts list and ETKA pic before I do a job and
replace all of the hardware.
This time I trusted what was sent to me and got into trouble. It took me
longer as I had to remove what I had to remove the wrong size nuts and
re-install the right size. 
This job can easily be done apart from doing the subframe and in my
opinion should be done separately.
I put the car on ramps and then jacked up the engine under the oil pan
using a 2x4 between the jack and the oil pan.
It is best to remove the 1 on each side 17mm  nuts on the top of each
mount first. If you remove the side nuts first you will have the mount
spinning problem.
Then remove the 2 on each side 17mm bolts. The nuts are 2 on each side
I put a a bendable ratchet with 10" extension on the bolts and secured
it against the top base of the radiator and then loosened the nuts with
a 15mm reversible ratchet wrench. I just bought this Craftsman set a few
weeks before an they really came in handy in tight spaces.
The drivers side was a snap.
The mount on the drivers side was completely broken. The top screw mount
was broken from the mount itself. This would not have been evident
without removing it and inspecting.
On the passenger side I took the airbox and heatshield out which was a
On this side passenger the mount was degraded but still functionable. It
got replaced as well.
What was strange was after I got it done and did a test drive I got 1.8
a few times where in the past I was getting only 1.7
Can a bad engine mount affect boost?

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