Ignition switch and lock-repair and replace help needed (x-posted)

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Fri Nov 12 16:21:52 EST 2004

Sounds almost right, I would expect to pull the column tube since that's
where the key assembly mounts.  The only piece I had to drill was the
existing housing to be able to push the spring release for the cylinder, 
of the new parts were drilled.

I think the only special tool I used to rekey my cylinder was my
conga-playing-fattened fingertips.

Nice feeling to be able to walk out and start the car just like a normal
person though, congrats!


Beer, Jerald S. wrote:

>Thanks to all who responded. With the help of the list and Mr. Bentley,
>my mechanic finally removed the ignition lock apparatus from the
>200q20v.. He said that he ended up removing the steering column to get
>enough room to get the bolt that goes to the steering column to pivot
>out of the way. He also drilled out the new lock, so if it ever has to
>be removed (yeah, like in ANOTHER 200k miles!), it shouldn't be as
>difficult. The toughest part turned out to be re-keying the new ignition
>switch, took 4 tries for a mobile locksmith to show up and be able to do
>it, apparently, Audi has some unique system that requires some special
>tools, and it was a major production. But all up and running, all list
>help is much appreciated.
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