ABS Killed by Owner

Kerry Leeds i2k at xmission.com
Mon Nov 15 22:20:19 EST 2004

OK, ABS killed by stupid mistake. Or series of stupid mistakes:
1. Left lights on all day.
2. Connected jumper cables w/polarity reversed. (Need I note this was
amazinly dumb but unintentional?)
3. Allowed electricity to flow in ways God never intended for several
4. Once I gave thanks for failing to cause an explosion, I correctly
connected cables & started car.
5. "ABS switched off" warning light remains lit, not responding to ABS

Is it worth checking the relay? If so, where is the durn auxilary relay
panel? Bentley seems to indicate that it's on the driver's side roughly
opposite the place where the ECU resides on the passenger's side. Do relays
give visual information the way fuses do? Or do I replace it and hope for
the best?
OR . . . should I not pass Go, not collect $200, and proceed directly to a
new ABS control unit?


Still Chastising & Kicking Myself,

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