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Tue Nov 16 11:50:37 EST 2004

At 7:49 AM -0800 11/16/04, Mike Miller wrote:
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>The air bag light in my 200q 20v is constantly on.  I'd like to turn it off. 
>The dealer might be able to reset it with the VAG. If not, one cause 
>as I understand it, could be the "exciter ring". Have to pull the 
>steering wheel to get to it and the part is about $100. Currently, 
>my AB light stays on for about 2 mins when the car is started.
Just this past weekend, a friend with the VAGCOM came over and reset 
the airbag controller. This procedure took about 1 minute to do not 
including time needed to remove and reinstall the console side panel 
(an additional 2 minutes). It was nice to finally have the airbag 
light turn off within 5 seconds after starting the engine, rather 
than the 2- 2.5 minutes I've been enduring since I've owned the car 
(yes, the airbag recall was done just before I bought it).

The light being "constantly on" sounds like a different or even more 
serious issue--could it possibly be that the power connector is 
simply disconnected?


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