Door lock problem

Randy McCall redrandy at
Thu Nov 18 18:23:10 EST 2004

I recently replaced a window regulator that had broken.  That problem is 
now no big deal, but the door lock and inside door lever are now 
exhibiting a new behavior I've not seen before, and is so far 
undiagnosed.  I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and 
found an answer...searched the archives, but no luck so far.

With the door shut I can now feel a slight "catch" midway through its 
travel that was not there before the window regulator repair.  After 
unlocking the door, the inner door lever will not work, but the outer 
handle will open the door (gotta roll the window down). The lock button 
will also travel up and down without the "catch" in its travel.  If I 
leave the doors unlocked after getting in, the inner door handle works 
just fine with no problems.  I removed the door cover again this 
afternoon looking for broken plastic ends holding the various rods, or 
something that might have moved when I did the window regulator, but 
everything looks fine. 

My thoughts are that the problem might be in the latch mechanism that 
keeps the door closed, but I've not been inside one before.  Does anyone 
have any sage advise or BTDT?

Thanks in advance,

Randy (in digest mode for several years)
'91 200 20V TQA

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