Ok, so I've gone synthetic...

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Nov 23 13:12:40 EST 2004

I change in the spring to summer weight and change in the fall to winter
weight oil - both synthetic.

I'd guess about 5000 mi in between in my A4 1.8T, quite a bit less in my '84
urq with 3B motor - maybe only 2000-2500...which leads me to this question-
anybody using same oil year-round who is in a climate with real (90F+)
summers and winters (below freezing often)?  If so what?10W-30?

hth and thanks

Denver, CO

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I put Amsoil 10W 40 in it.  So, the next logical question is ,
how long do *you* go between changes?
After reading the Amsoil propaganda, I may never change the oil again! ;-)
If only because I will need to add at least an entire oil changes' worth of
oil at least every 6 months to cover the burn...

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