oil pressure drop on hard left turns

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Oil pressure drop in hard long left handers is a known problem. The oil just
climbs up the side of the pan and the pickup tube is starved for oil. The
UrS4 oil pan baffle/windage tray is a direct fit and should solve the
problem most of the time.

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> Just got back from Mont Tremblant (awesome track!) with a slightly odd
> On hard left turns, I get a drop in oil pressure; the gauge drops as
> low as 2 bar depending on the sharpness of the turn, and on some
> turns the autocheck alarm triggers as well.  Oil level is fine- if
> anything a little higher than I usually keep it, about 3/4 up the
> hashed area on the dipstick.  No signs of leaks, except for a couple
> of spots of oil on the wastegate frequency valve electrical connector
> boot, a few on the top of the alternator, and some smoke off the
> exhaust manifold area.  No smoke or oil spots until the last session
> of the day, which is when the oil warning came on and my instructor
> and I started paying closer attention to the oil pressure.  Temps
> were probably 120C by the time the sessions were over.
> The spots of oil and smoking happening at the same time as the
> pressure drop are too coincidental, but the spots and smoking point
> to a leaky valve cover gasket- which, I would think, would not cause
> oil pressure problems.
> The car pulls exceptionally well and cleanly right up to a few
> hundred RPMs from redline.  Only other weird behavior is that the car
> had a lot of trouble with luke-warm starts(ie come back from a
> session, pop the hood, come back in an hour or so, try to start-
> takes a good 10 seconds of cranking) which it has never, ever done
> before- and did not do during the multiple stops on the way home.
> Any thoughts?
> Brett
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