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The 3B RR and VERY early S4 engines used MIL spec sockets (Generally the
ones with the ROUND holes for the pins). The general industrial/hobbyist
sockets should be avoided. 

Bosch used a plastic eprom cover too.  This holds down the chip so you
will not have what is called "chip creep" where the chips works it way
out of the socket.  

I remember an Olympus Rally where the chip eventually came loose on a
Peugeot causing it to quit at the end of one stage.  Fortunately I was
there and thought I should check it.  It went on to finish 3rd behind an
Audi and a Mazda RX7.

A small bladed screw driver or xacto knife blade inserted into the small
slits on each side of the cover and pressed inward toward the center of
the chip will release each side of the cover in turn.

Have Fun,


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That's what I keep hearing and thought, contrary to someone I've been
discussing this with whose opinion I respect.  I remember back when
the Mihnea chip group buy happened, the only soldering was supposedly
the MAP sensors.

I guess I'll see that for myself when I crack it open.  Thanks for the


On Tue, 05 Oct 2004 12:15:03 -0400, Peter Schulz <pcschulz at>
> Ken:
> the eeproms in the 3b ECU are already socketed.
> -Peter
> At 12:07 PM 10/5/2004, Ken Keith wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Somewhere online I remember a write up of how to add sockets to the
> >Motronic ECU, at least as far as removal and opening up the case, if
> >not all of it.  I can't find it.  There is a reference to this page
> >
> >But that page is not there.
> >
> >Do you know where I could find this information?  I have the sockets
> >and I think I'm going to have a local electronics place do the
> >conversion, but I want to have those instructions available.
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